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Well, you’re here, so you must be interested in ways to make money online.

Like most of us, you’ve probably wondered “How can I make money online?” That led you to your computer, then to Google, and on to sites talking about ‘Online Affiliate Marketing’.

And of course that sparked a new question: “Just what is online affiliate marketing?”

Some of these sites may have made it seem impossible, so you stopped looking. Others made it seem so easy you gave it a shot with no results.

Did you find a “step-by-step” guide? Did you pay $50 for it, hoping it would solve all your financial problems? Were you ready to scream after you read that so-called “guide” and it basically said:

Affiliate Marketing Steps
Build A Website…Get Some Traffic…Make Tons Of Money!

Well that’s just great! Build a website!

“How do I do that?”

Oh! Get traffic!

“With what website?”

And then make money!

“Are you kidding me?!”


Yeah, I’ve been there, too. They give you information that is somehow worse than my artwork (Yup, that’s my handiwork up there!).

And that’s why I’m here now. To make things a little clearer.

So What Is This Affiliate Marketing Thing?

The short answer: It’s advertising.

Have you ever read a product review online? Maybe for a child’s car seat, or a yoga mat. Anything, really.

That review had a link you could click to purchase that item, right? It may have sent you to an Amazon sales page. Maybe to an independent retail site. At any rate, it sent you somewhere that you could purchase that item.

Well, if you did purchase that item after clicking that link, the owner of that review site earned a commission off that sale. That site owner is an affiliate marketer. They help drive internet traffic to purchase a product or service, and the company pays them for their efforts.

So that guide you bought? Those pictures above? This IS affiliate marketing… In the simplest of terms.

But there’s more to it.

Yeah, Like Building A Website

You don’t need to know all this coding!

Yes, you’ll need to know how to build a website to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

Sadly, there is no way I can give you all the information you’ll need on the topic in this section of this article. After all, there are entire sections of BOOKSTORES devoted to the subject.

On the up side, I can give you the basics on how to learn to create a website right here.

Even better, if you want to learn all about building websites and affiliate marketing, there’s a training platform where you can do both. You can read all about it in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

For the purposes of this article, let me assure you that building a website is a lot easier than you might think. I had no web experience when I started out, and I built this site you’re on right now. If I can do it, so can you.

Okay, But Who Can Actually Become An Affiliate Marketer?


Honestly, anyone can do this. Like I said before, I had no web experience when I started out.

No website building experience.

No marketing experience.

Certainly no affiliate marketing experience!

But I’m here now! I have a website. Actually, I have several! I’ve learned how to build those sites by myself. I’ve learned how to make money from them.

Blog Tiles
Just Write A Blog!

And if you can write a blog, you can make money as an affiliate marketer.

Don’t think you could write a blog?

Let me ask you something. Do you use Facebook?

I bet you do.

Do you post updates? Photos? Videos?

Of course!

Well, guess what. That’s blogging!

This article you’re reading right now is a blog post. It’s no different than the updates you post on Facebook.

Okay, maybe it’s a little longer. But the idea is the same!

This whole website is basically one big blog!

So who can be an affiliate marketer? Anyone who can write a blog that people want to read. That’s how you get traffic.

Facebook Is About Me! No One Wants To Read About Me!

Nothing against you, but you’re probably right. Unless you happen to be some famous icon, probably no one outside of your family and close friends wants to read a blog about your life.

But I only used Facebook as an example.

Remember I said this post is a blog? Well, you don’t see anything about my daily life or my pets, do you?

What you see is a blog about something I’m KNOWLEDGEABLE about. I know about online business. I know how to spot a good opportunity. I know how to spot the fraudulent offers. I can pass that information on to others, and people want to read it.

You have the kind of knowledge that people want, too. Even if you don’t realize it yet.

What are your hobbies? Do you garden? Make jewelry? Paint? Draw? Exercise? Read? These are all things that people would like to learn about. These are all things that thousands, or even millions, of people search for online every single day.

Write your blog on the best plants for different climates. Or the best wire for wire-earrings. Or your favorite workout techniques.

In writing these types of articles, you are teaching people. You are helping them. And they will come to your site to read what you have to say. That’s how you get traffic.

How Am I Supposed To Make Money From That?

With affiliate marketing!

Do you know what an “affiliate” is? It’s simply someone who is “affiliated”, or associated, with someone else.

Therefore, an affiliate marketer markets items they are affiliated with.

Is your blog about gardening? You can market seeds, tools, flowerpots… Anything that has to do with gardening! If it can be bought online, you can market it online.

You’re a painter? Send your readers to sales sites for paints, brushes, canvases or easels!

Whatever your hobby is, whatever you’re passionate about, whatever you are knowledgeable in, you can find items for sale that you can market on your website.

You talk about what you know. You make recommendations. You give reviews. At the end, you point your readers to the place where they can buy what you’re talking about.

That’s it!

These Are Known As “Niche” Sites

I’m sure you’ve seen other people talk about blogging about your passions to make money online.

Well this is exactly what they meant!

And you really can do it.

But there’s a catch.

The smaller the niche, the smaller the audience. And the smaller the audience, the smaller the earning potential.

I mentioned gardening and painting earlier, and that you could promote seeds and gardening tools on your gardening blog, or art supplies on your painting blog.

“Gardening” and “Painting” are both niches.

In other words, they are a “market”.

You’ve definitely heard that term before.

Thinking about a “market” can seem a little intimidating. When we start throwing around terms like “market” we’re definitely talking business!

But it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

In the world of online marketing, a “market” can also be looked at as “a group of people”.

Thinking along those lines, your gardening market simply becomes people who want to know more about gardening. So your job becomes giving them the information they want, and the products they need.

And that is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

Does Affiliate Marketing Make A Little More Sense Now?

I certainly hope so.

I know I haven’t given you enough here to go out and become crazy successful. I’d have to write a whole book to do that.

I could probably write a few books and still not cover everything!

That’s why there are so many different courses available on the subject.

There are also excellent training programs available that will walk you through the whole process and provide the tools you need to get started.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a living in online affiliate marketing, take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I used this very same training platform in my efforts to find success online, and I’m still a member today. In fact, this site is hosted on their platform!

There is always something new to learn, and on this platform you’ll learn new things every day!

Check it out. I think you’ll be impressed.

It would be great if you could let me know what you thought of this article in the comments below. Ask questions. Tell me what you would like to see added to the site!

As always, thanks for reading, and the best of luck in your journey to financial independence,


If you ever have any questions, you can contact me here.

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