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Tell people not only how great the product is, but what it can do for them.

First things first, I did not “skip” or “forget” the Focused Information Content. You’ll write that in a similar fashion to the General Information Content, just narrowing your topic a little. The real change comes when writing your Promotional/Review Content.

With general information content you write about a broad category within your niche.

Focused content will either be a narrow segment of that category, or even a single item.

In both cases, the goal of your content is to provide help or information in regard to your topic.

When you get to writing a promotion or review, your focus changes…

A little.

The Shift In Focus

When you write a promotion, you don’t want to talk so much about how great the sale is, but how much money your reader could save.

A review shouldn’t be contered on how amazing the product is, but how it can benefit your reader.

Your review doesn’t want to stress why one program is better than the other, but why it can help your reader more than the other.

Did you see the shift?

Even though we still want to talk about the product we are promoting, we want to make sure we emphasize how it is a benefit to the reader. The reader becomes your focus moreso than the product itself.

If they have read through your other information and made it to a promotion or review page, they are already close to a decision. They’ve seen enough to know they’re interested in the product.

At this stage is become our job to give them that last little push they need to click the “Buy Now” button.

We accomplish this by putting our focus on the reader.

What Makes You Click “Buy Now”?

Buy Now
What would make YOU click this button?

You can save 25% by purchasing…

This is always a good way to give that last little push. People like saving money. Instead of saying “25% off right now”, making it personal with “You can save…” helps enforce that you are trying to help, not just pushing a sale.

You will love how this can help you…

Telling someone “This product is so awesome!” certainly let’s them know what you think about it. But when you shift your focus to “This product will make your life easier by…” or “This program can teach you how to…” you show people that it’s a benefit to them, not just something you can sell.

Take a look around and you’ll see plenty of examples. Compare them, and see which ones really speak to you. I’ll bet that close to 90% of the ones that make you want to click that “Buy Now” button don’t just push the product’s features, but talk about how those features can benefit you in one way or another.

That’s exactly what you want to do. I’ve said before that you want to connect with your reader. This is just one more opportunity to do that. Don’t try to make a sale. Try to make someone’s life better. If you can make someone’s life better with a product you offer, the sale will come with almost no effort.

Don’t Push The Sale!

There’s a great way to make sure you don’t look like you are pushing a sale:


This may seem counter-intuitive, but we all know that nothing is perfect. Absolutely everything could be better. Make sure you point out those negatives as well. Maybe it’s just a small negative, but point it out anyway.

To use my top rated work from home training program as an example, some of the video training could use some updating. Those videos talk about using WordPress plugins that haven’t been updated in a year or more, and better options have become available. It’s not a huge problem, because when you look for a plugin for a certain purpose, you will be shown a massive list from which you can choose. But it would be nice if the training spelled out clearly which one was the best to use NOW.

Why do you want to point out the negatives, even if it’s just something little? Would you believe someone who told you that the product they were selling was absolutely perfect and could never be better?

Of course not!

We all now that nothing is perfect, and that there’s always at least some little improvement that could be made.

If you are up front about the fact that the product you are promoting isn’t perfect, people will trust your judgement that much more.

So be honest, and give your readers the FULL story. Don’t hold back. Small negatives can be overlooked when they are still attached to a product with a better rating than something else with bigger negatives.

Structuring A Promotion/Review

There are no set rules about the structure of a promotion or review. It really comes down to personal preference.

You will find some that are very fact based, with lots of tables, graphs, or stat bars.

Others are all text and just talk about the product in a relatable manner.

Some will be a combination of the two, with basic features scored on a numerical scale, and the more involved aspects talked about in depth. You will see this type of structure on the reviews here. My basic breakdown for a review looks something like this:

  • A broad overview with basic facts and an overall score
  • A list of the most important features
  • A separate section detailing those important features
  • A little bit about who the product is best suited for
  • A closing with what I think about the product as a whole

You can use a structure similar to this, or something completely different. Find what works for you and the way you like to connect with your audience.

The worst thing you can possibly do with your reviews is try to force them into someone else’s structure. Write in a way that feels natural to you. Score, discuss, and rate the product in a way that feels natural to you. If you can keep it natural, your audience will notice. If you try to force it, they will notice that, too. And they’ll feel like you’ll forcing something on them.

Natural is always better. Communicating and connecting is the way to turn your audience into customers.

Putting It All Together

That brings us to the end of the Basic Training. By now you’ve got the basic idea of what goes into building the framework for an online business.

This course is by no means all inclusive. It doesn’t cover the making money part of things, because there are many different ways to monetize a website, or to use a website as the face of your business.

In Part 2 of my Marketing Training series I will talk about making money with affiliate marketing and several methods to get your online business noticed.

These lessons will help you on your way to building your own online business, but they simply can’t cover everything. I don’t have the resources to create a training platform that complex.

Are you ready to take what you’ve learned so far and put it into action? Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review. This is by far the best training I’ve come across for learning how to build an online business. The focus of their training is affiliate marketing, which is the easiest way to monetize a website and make money online. Read the review, then sign up for the free Starter Membership. You’ll walk through everything we’ve talked about here step-by-step, and by the time you’ve finished the free training included in the Starter Membership, you will have your own website up and running, absolutely free!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these lessons. Come back for Part 2 – Next Steps.

It would be great if you could rate this article, and let me know what you thought in the comments below. Ask questions. Tell me what you would like to see added to the site!

As always, thanks for reading, and the best of luck on your journey to financial independence,


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