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You could be making money sitting on your couch with your dog!

There’s no doubt about it, business is moving toward the internet more and more with every passing day. You see it all the time. People making money with YouTube. Folks earning a solid living selling on Amazon. Others building up successful online store fronts. You may want to join the crowd, but wonder how you can make money online. It all starts with a website. And I’m here to tell you, making money with a website really isn’t that hard.

How Can I Make Money From A Website?

You read that last paragraph, right? Those are all options.

Yes, I know that YouTube and Amazon aren’t personal websites. But they are websites. And they are successful. Do you know why? Because they offer something that people are looking for.

YouTube covers many different things that people are looking for, from entertainment to education. People tune in to YouTube for a variety of reasons. They watch a video. The owner of that video gets paid. Why? Because they are bringing traffic to YouTube, and YouTube gets paid for that traffic.

Why does YouTube get paid for that traffic? Have you ever noticed the advertisements at the beginning of the videos? Well, the people who posted the video didn’t put that advertisement there. YouTube did. Because that advertiser paid YouTube to post the ad.

It’s a trickle effect. Broken down in the simplest terms, it looks like this:

  • The advertiser pays YouTube to post their ad
  • YouTube places the ads on posted videos
  • When those videos are viewed the ads play
  • The video brings traffic to the ad, and YouTube pays the video owner

So how does that help you make money with a website? Simple. You offer people something they want. Teach them something. Show them something. People love to learn. And you’ve got plenty to teach.

Got a hobby?

A special skill?

Specialized knowledge?

Whatever it is that you know, there are people out there who want to learn about it. So you build your site around that, and you’ll get traffic to your site. You then advertise products or services related to that topic, and get paid.

How Do I Get Paid To Advertise On My Website?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m not YouTube! No one is going to pay me to put ads on my site!”

Well, guess again.

Troll around the internet for a while, and tell me what you see.


There’s advertising everywhere!

There are different ways to advertise. It doesn’t have to be a video ad like on YouTube or TV. It can be a static ad block. You can get those ads either by contacting individual companies (which is a pain in the butt) or by using Google AdSense (which is incredibly simple).

You sign up for Google AdSense, paste a little bit of code into your site, then place the ad. Yes, that’s a simplified version of the process, but it really is very easy to do.

Another way to make money from a website is to promote specific products related to your site’s theme. Again, this is very easy.

I’m sure you’ve seen websites with those little Amazon ads. You click the ad, it brings you to that product’s sales page on Amazon. Guess what. That’s an ad that the website owner is going to get a commission from if you buy something from Amazon after clicking it. How?

Sign up with Amazon’s affiliate program, paste a little code into your site, and place the ad.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

That really is the basis for making money with a website. Advertising. And the easiest way to advertise on your site is with affiliate marketing.

Making Money From A Website Is Simple With Affiliate Marketing

That process I just laid out for you is really all affiliate marketing is.

  • You pick a topic for your site
  • You build a site around that topic
  • You get traffic to your site
  • You earn revenue for bringing that traffic to your advertisers

That is the simplified version of affiliate marketing. It’s advertising, plain and simple. And anyone can do it.

This site you’re on right now is a perfect example. Let me lay it out based on the points listed above:

  • Pick a topic – Making money with a website
  • Build the site – This article is part of that
  • Get traffic – You’re here, aren’t you?
  • Earn revenue – There are affiliate links on this site that I get paid for

Maybe your hobby is video games, and you think you can’t build a site around it. Let’s take a look at a popular video game. World of Warcraft:

  • Topic – World of Warcraft
  • Build the site –
  • Get traffic – Articles on popular games has earned them over 4 million visitors every month!
  • Earn revenue – They sell ad space on their site

You could easily do something similar. You could place Amazon ads for the purchase of the game you are talking about. You could let AdSense create an advertisement based on the content on your page. You could sell subscriptions to gaming magazines. The possibilities are endless!

And it works exactly the same for any hobby, skill, or knowledge base you have that you can share with people.

Where Can I Learn About Building A Website And Affiliate Marketing?

You could read all these books…

There are a huge number of possibilities out there.

If you have the time and the tenacity, you could find all of the information just be researching on Google.

But that’s a royal pain!

You could go out and spend a couple thousand dollars on a program.

That’s a lot of money!

Or you can take the same training that I did and learn it all in one place. And you can start for free!

==> You can read my review of that training here! <==

Making Money With A Website Is Easy With The Right Training

There really are countless ways that you can make money online. You really can work from the comfort of your own home. Setting your own hours and spending more time with your family is well within your reach.

The trick to it all is to find the best path to reach that goal. And affiliate marketing is that path.

Is affiliate marketing the only path? Of course not! But it is the easiest to learn, and requires very little up-front investment. If you find the right training (learn more by reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review) you can even learn the basics and build your first website for free.

So don’t keep wishing you could make money online. Don’t keep thinking about a website that can make you money. Get the training, put in the time, and make that dream your new reality!

It would be great if you could rate this article, and let me know what you thought in the comments below. Ask questions. Tell me what you would like to see added to the site!

As always, thanks for reading, and I wish you the best on your journey to financial independence,


If you ever have any questions, you can contact me here.

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