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Your writing is your business.

Too often, people who really want to start an online business read “Make money online blogging”, and get scared off. The thought is, there’s no way I can write a blog that anyone wants to read.

Some think that they don’t have anything to say that people will care about.

Others think that they will start strong, but quickly run out of things to say.

Read on, and you just might change your mind. You just might decide to take the leap, and start making money at home today.

How Can I Write A Blog People Will Read?

Let me begin to answer that with a question… What blogs do you like to read?

Maybe you’re thinking something like “Blogs about cats!” or “Woodworking blogs!”

At any rate, you are most likely thinking of a specific topic. But if you take a minute to look at things, you could answer that question in a much more general way. You could have just said, “Blogs about things I like.”

Consider for a minute that there are things you like, and there are blogs out there about it. The flip side of that is if you like something, someone else does, too.

So how do you write a blog people will read? Write about something you like! There are over three-and-a-half BILLION people online at the time of writing this article. With a possible audience of that many people, you are guaranteed to find that some of them will be interested in whatever you choose to write about.

What If I Run Out Of Stuff To Talk About?

Answer questions
Answer questions about things you are passionate about.

If you choose to write about things you like, there is very little chance you will run out of things to talk about.

We all have hobbies. We all have passions. We all have something that we are knowledgeable in.

Take any one of these things and look around the internet for a while. See how much there is out there. Skim through what you find, and I’m pretty sure you’ll realize that it is all stuff you could very easily talk about.

When it comes to writing about something we love, it is hard to run out of things to say. But if it does happen, there’s a simple solution… Research!

I know, research was awful in school. Who wants to research now?

In school, how often did your research focus on something you loved? I’m going to guess, not very often.

Now, if you are researching for your website and online business, you’ll be researching for something you love!

It doesn’t feel so much like research then. It’s more like inspiration.

You will probably find that if you hit that rut, and just CAN’T think of anything to write, your “research” will become a moment of “Why didn’t I think of that?” You will probably see a headline, or a picture, and get the ideas you need to write your next article, or two, or SEVEN! Just from reading a headline or seeing a picture. How? Because it’s a subject you already know and love. You’ve got enough knowledge to write about it. Sometimes you just need that little reminder.

How Do I Get People To My Blog?

What gets you to visit a website or blog?

They have something you want!

That’s the big secret, in blogs and business. If you give people what they want, they will come to you. Teach them something. Entertain them. Help them.

You came here for information, right? If you came straight to this article, you were probably looking for information on making money online with your blog. Maybe you got here through “How Do I Learn To Create A Website?” because you wanted to learn about creating your own site. Whatever article you came in on, it was because you had a question, and I provided an answer.

You can do the same thing. Do you know about art? How about child safety in the home? Can you write articles about vehicle or home repair? These are all things that people are searching for online every day. If you can give them the answers they need, they will become the web traffic you need.

Stories that people can relate to. How-to’s. Product reviews. These are all things people want to know about the things you know about. Just be helpful. That’s your trick.

What Does Any Of This Have To Do With Making Money?

I could ask you how many websites you’ve been on that have advertising on them. Instead, I’m going to ask you how many you’ve been on that DON’T.

You may have never really considered that before, but think about it. How many websites have you been on that don’t have advertising?

Maybe it’s a standard ad. A picture with a little text blurb about a product.

Or it could be a “Buy Here” link to any number of different retailers.

This is all advertising, and it’s a major portion of how those website owners make money.

You go to their site because they offer you information you want.

You could have searched in Google for how to do something. Google gave you some suggestions, and you clicked on one. You read about how to do it. Somewhere during that article the author said something along the lines of, “And to make things easier, check out…” and they gave you a link to another page. It could have been a product review that told you about an item that would make your how-to project a little easier. You read the review, think to yourself, “Wow! That would be handy!” So you click on the link, and right there in front of you is a “Buy Now” button.

Guess what happens when you buy that product. The website owner that sent you to the sales page gets advertising commission. You don’t pay any more for the product than you would otherwise, but the retailer pays the website owner for sending them customers.

Something similar happens with the advertisements you see on websites. It could be a JCPenney ad, or Walmart, or CVS, or anything else. Some of those pay commission for sales, sure. Some of them even pay every time someone clicks on the ad. That’s right. Even if that click doesn’t turn into a purchase, the website owner who displayed the ad gets paid just for sending people to the retailer’s site.

You could do the same thing. All with a simple blog.

Want To Make Money Online Blogging?

It really is a very simple process.

You pick a topic that means something to you.

You build a website.

You write helpful content that people will want to read.

You place ads on your site.

You post sales links for individual products related to your topic.

You get paid.

Just like that, you can make money at home.

All it takes is a little creativity, and some training. If you want to learn how you can get started, take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review. You can get step-by-step instructions on setting up your website, writing your content, connecting with companies that will pay you for advertising on your site, and how to turn your computer into your own work at home business.

Just make sure you don’t go into it expecting to get rich overnight. Any business you might start will take time to build, and therefore it will take time to start earning money online. But nowhere else will you find a business you can start with so little investment. The internet truly has made it possible for literally ANYONE to start their own business.

And you can do it with a simple blog about something you love! When your work is something you love, it doesn’t even feel like work.

It would be great if you could rate this article, and let me know what you thought in the comments below. Ask questions. Tell me what you would like to see added to the site!

As always, thanks for reading, and the best of luck on your journey to financial independence,


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