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Update June 2018:

The FTC recently took action against Matt Lloyd and MOBE, immediately shutting down all sites under the MOBE, LTD umbrella.

When the FTC steps in and calls a program a scam you can safely say it’s worth staying away from!

For a better option, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review!

Let’s take a look!

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money at home, you’ve probably come across Matt Lloyd’s name. You’ve most likely heard about his company, MOBE, which stands for My Own Business Education. You may have even heard of his affiliate marketing training program MTTB, or My Top Tier Business. But you may not have found a good answer for the question, “Is Matt Lloyd and MOBE a scam?”

Well, I’m going to try and clear that up for you. Read on.

Matt Lloyd’s MOBE And MTTB – The Broad Overview

Company – MOBE

Website – and

Program – We will focus on MTTB for the purpose of this review

Price – $49 for the 21-step MTTB training — $19.95/month or $179.55/year to remain a consultant after that

Creator – Matt Lloyd

Rating – Stay Away!

To be perfectly honest, when I set out to write this review, I truly wanted to be able to rate this program higher. I had heard many good things about MOBE as a company, MTTB as a training program, and Matt Lloyd as an individual. I had high hopes for a rating of at least 8.5/10.

Sadly, through the research I conducted, my experience with MTTB and the phone calls I placed to MOBE support in compiling the information for this review, I had to bring those expectations down considerably. You’ll understand why as you read.

First, Let’s Take A Look At Matt Lloyd

Part of the question posed in the title is whether or not Matt Lloyd is a scam. There have been some nasty reports floating around for quite some time now that he didn’t really exist. He was just a name and a pretty face to put in front of a company to pull people in.

Well, I assure you, he is not a scam. He is just as real as you or me. And he has earned quite a considerable income from MOBE.

It is his success that draws people to his company and the training that he offers. To learn from someone this successful and apply that knowledge to our own business seems a guaranteed path to success. While there are no real guarantees for success, learning under someone who has clearly reached this level of success in his own business certainly can’t hurt. And if we apply the knowledge that he can impart, and are willing to apply the time and effort into our own businesses, our chances definitely increase dramatically.

Or so it would seem.

Matt Lloyd has been offering to help businesses grow their successes, and has made a handsome profit for his efforts. His materials claim to cover every topic a business owner could hope for, and his teaching methods range from simple instructional books and videos, to online classes with coaches, to business retreats where leaders in every field share their stories and secrets to success (also known as a “Mastermind”).

Matt Lloyd as a person is definitely not a scam.

Matt Lloyd’s Company, MOBE. Maybe Not So Legit!

Reading through the product offerings as someone just getting started in the online business world, it would appear that MOBE has a great deal of priceless information to impart.

MOBE also pops up with great frequency in relation to creating passive income streams, such as with affiliate marketing (more on this later).

MOBE’s target clients are business owners, or entrepreneurs ready to start a business. The teachings center on developing the proper mindset to successfully run a business, build a client base, scale the business, and eventually sell the business.

You can see this for yourself if you look through the products and services available. There are courses on public speaking and interviewing employees. They have programs on lead generation and presentation skills. Even lessons on delivering an elevator pitch (If you don’t know what that is, it means pitching a business idea in the time it takes to ride an elevator up a few floors).

Some of the products can be utilized by the affiliate marketer. They have lessons on SEO and effective blogging. Courses on marketing on Facebook and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. But no cohesive course for the general affiliate marketer, which is really my focus here in regards to passive income.

That’s Where The MTTB Program Comes In

Did you catch that last part? I said “general” affiliate marketer. You may know that affiliate marketing is simply the act of promoting products for a commission. Another way to think of it is “A blog with sales intent.” (You could be an affiliate marketer with a gardening blog advertising seeds, tools, and landscaping services)

MOBE’s MTTB program claims to teach you affiliate marketing.

But I just said it’s no good for the general affiliate marketer.


Because they only teach you to market MOBE products.

In effect, you pay to learn the MTTB program so you can get other people to pay to learn the MTTB program.

Do you know what this is called?

A pyramid scheme!

The Proof Is In The Payment

As I’ve mentioned, the MTTB program costs $49 to purchase, then $19.95 a month to remain a member with rights to earn commissions.

Yeah! You need to pay MOBE for the right to promote their products! Apparently taking their percentage of the sales you generate isn’t enough.

Before we even get to that point, however, we need to get through the 21-step MTTB program.

Remember, that’s the program we buy for $49.

Now, if you pay for something it should be yours, right? ALL of it!

Well, MOBE doesn’t see it that way.

I bought the program. I figured for $50, why not? It’s only 21 steps. I thought I’d go through it so I could accurately report on it.

And I did.

At least as far as I could!

The first 5 “lessons” are nothing more than background information on Matt Lloyd and MOBE, making them sound like the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

In other words, it’s a great big sales pitch!

Then at the end of lesson 5 I found out I couldn’t get to the 6th lesson of the 21-step “program” I purchased until I paid to join the “Silver Membership” for $1995!

Yeah! Another $2k to access the “training” I had already paid for!

But There’s A Money Back Guarantee!


Try collecting on that money back guarantee.

I did.

And it didn’t work!

They came up with every excuse under the sun for why they couldn’t refund my money, including that I hadn’t applied the lessons!

What lessons? I got 5 sales-pitch videos then a demand for more money. There was nothing to apply!

Another Huge Concern

Do you know what an “Earnings Disclaimer” is?

Have you ever heard of the FTC?

Well, an earnings disclaimer is a statement required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for any business that makes a claim of generating earnings for their clients.

I gave an earnings disclaimer on my site even though I never once guarantee that you will earn anything if you follow my advice. And I make it very easy to find, as required by the FTC.

MOBE makes lots of claims about the income you will make. In fact, part of their money back guarantee is that you will earn $5,000 a month.

Try finding their earnings disclaimer!

I had to navigate through dozens of pages and menus and FAQ’s before I finally found it.

Want to know my favorite highlight from that document?

“…cannot guarantee your earnings. The average MOBE consultant earns $250 a year…”

The average consultant only earns $250 a year, but they guarantee you’ll make $5,000 a month?

No wonder they hide this document (which is against the law!)

Matt Lloyd and MOBE’s MTTB – Is It Worth It?

As I said at the beginning, I really wanted to be able to rate the MTTB program higher. There seems to be a lot of valuable information in this course. And the affiliate earning potential appears to be huge.

However, the fact that paying for a 21-step program apparently only gets you the first 5 steps is just plain wrong. You can’t sell something to someone at a set price, then only give them 25% of the product unless they pay more. This is illegal!

Add to that the fact that the MTTB program only teaches you to promote other MOBE products and you’ve got a pyramid scheme on top of theft.

That being said, I can’t honestly report on the Mastermind groups. I know that Masterminds are very popular and effective for making new business relationships and learning new tactics. However, I never attended one of MOBE’s Masterminds. Combine my bad experience with their MTTB program and the astronomical cost of their Masterminds, and I said, “Hell no!”

Is it worth it? In my humble opinion…


A Better Option

My site and the reviews that I offer are geared toward the beginner in the work-online world, and I pride myself on honesty and bringing you information that will actually help you.

When first beginning your journey in affiliate marketing, the most important thing to learn is how to create a business model that you can continually improve upon. And that begins with giving something of value to your customers.

You see that in my site in the form of these reviews, and the information I offer on how to get started in this business. If you don’t learn how to provide that type of value to your customers, you can’t branch out into different sectors. MTTB only teaches the basics necessary to market MOBE, if you pay more than than the original purchase price. Way more! It doesn’t teach how to become an affiliate marketer in other product niches.

If you want a program that will actually teach you everything about affiliate marketing, and get all the help you could ever hope for along the way, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

It would be great if you could let me know what you thought of this article in the comments below. Ask questions. Tell me what you would like to see added to the site!

Thanks for reading, and the best of luck to you on your journey to success,


If you ever have any questions, you can contact me here.

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  1. Never heard of this program. Have you tried it yet? Why can’t you start as a newbie? Is it that difficult? The Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform if you’re consistent from what I hear.

    1. I have tried this program, and can’t stress enough to stay away! They offer incredible promises for great affiliate commissions, but they ONLY teach to promote their product line on pre-built websites (that incur additional costs). Whereas the Wealthy Affiliate platform that you bring up teaches the newbie how to build their own websites geared toward any product line or market that they choose.

    1. A good deal of their material claims geared toward the more advanced business owner or webmaster, though I haven’t seen that material first-hand. Some of their smaller products (books, DVDs, etc.) would appear to be very valuable to those just starting out. But I can’t verify individual products. Their handling of the MTTB program with a forced upgrade just 25% in was enough for me to say stay away!

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