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In order to build a successful online business, we need to bring visitors to our website. That’s kind of a no-brainer. After all, we can’t sell product if we don’t have anyone to sell it to.

General information
General information articles are the ideas that bring people to our site.

If you’ve been following along with these lessons, you’ve read the lesson on selecting a niche, and how to narrow your niche down to a targeted segment of a broader market. (If you missed it, you can read about Niche Selection here) So you may be wondering why the title of this article includes “Attracting a BROAD Audience”. Isn’t the idea to attract our target audience?

Indeed it is.

You need to keep in mind that a niche can be TOO specific. Remember the example of the sweater vests in the niche lesson? A niche that specific can make money, but it limits your options to make money on related items.

Ideally, you want to choose a broader niche. That will give you the option to specialize on several very narrow segments of that market within your website.

I said in the previous lesson that turning a visitor into a customer was a process: The 3-Step Content Conversion Process:

  • General Information
  • Focused Information
  • Promotion/Review

To continue with the sweater vest example, those would fall into the “Focused Information” category.

The “General Information” category that we are talking about here would be something along the lines of Men’s Clothing, or Men’s Casual Wear.

To say it another way, your general information targets your entire niche (in this case Men’s Clothing). The focused information narrows it down to a type of Men’s Clothing, such as sweater vests.

This general information content pulls in visitors for your entire business, then points them to more specific information. This way you aren’t writing content that only pulls in people looking for sweater vests. You also attract visitors looking for ties, suit jackets, loafers, and chinos.

How To Write General Information Content

Maybe you’re wondering at this point how a general men’s clothing article will attract all these different types of visitors. It’s really quite simple once you see it laid out.

In our general information content, our target keyword will be Men’s Clothing, so we want that in our title and first paragraph.

Does it seem like you would quickly run out of ideas that could include “Men’s Clothing” in the title? Take a look at this:

Google search suggestions
These are suggestions Google gives you just for adding “a” after your search term. Click for full size image.

Remember, Google can give us article ideas. I only checked the “a” to show you that picture. Here’s a few I came up with off the top of my head:

  • Men’s Clothing Trends
  • Men’s Clothing For Summer
  • Men’s Clothing For Formal Occassions
  • Sporty Men’s Clothing

That took me all of two seconds to come up with, and I’m not even a clothing guy. I wear jeans and a T-shirt!

Do you see the idea behind the general information, and how it can pull in your narrow targets, but also attract a broader audience?

Take a look at Men’s Clothing Trends. In that article you could talk about what style sweater vest is trending, then point visitors to your sweater vest category where they can read everything you’ve written about sweater vests. But you can also talk about trends in shoe styles, popular new neck-tie patterns, and the newest cut for suit jackets.

That’s four different types of customers you pulled in by writing a single piece of content!

The Power Of A Broad Reach

I’m going to step away from the Men’s Clothing niche for now. Like I said, I’m not a big clothing guy.

For an idea of how broad you can reach with your general information, read my article “Start Your Own Business Ideas“. I talk about businesses such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Preparation
  • Affiliate Marketing

These are all business models that can be very successful online.

But I also mention work that can’t be done online:

  • Construction
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Computer Repair/Upgrades/Troubleshooting

And work that is done by hand, but can be sold online:

  • Sewing
  • Drawing
  • Painting

Why did I include work that can’t be done online if my website focuses on online work at home opportunities and making money online?

So that I could reach more people.

Someone who wants to quit their job and start their own business may look online for ideas. They could find that article. Maybe they have construction experience and see that I mention it. Now they’re curious to see what other suggestions I have, so they keep reading. They get to the end and read about affiliate marketing and making money online. Now they see an opportunity they hadn’t thought of and want to know more. So they click the link to my affiliate marketing article and read more about it. They like the idea, so they click through and read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. That sounds like the perfect opportunity to them, so they click through and sign up, and I get paid!

Do you see what just happened?

By writing some general information content that touched on nearly a dozen different ideas for starting a business, I took someone who was just curious about the idea and made a targeted sale.

Did you follow the 3-Step Content Conversion Process?

If all of my content focused on “make money online”, or even “affiliate marketing”, I never would have gotten that sale! They didn’t search for “ways to make money online” or “what is affiliate marketing?”. They searched for “ideas to start your own business”.

Can you see now why general information content and attracting a broad audience is so important?

By reaching out to a broader audience you create the opportunity to make a customer out of someone who didn’t even know they were looking for what you had to offer!

To relate that back to the Men’s Clothing niche, if you write your general information content on “Men’s Clothing Trends”, someone who was just curious about what was trending could reach the part of your article about new sweater vests and think, “Hey! I could wear that to the office party next week!” He had no intention of buying a sweater vest, but your article on current trends just earned you a commission for a sweater vest.

General Information – The Top Of The Sales Funnel

Did that catch your attention?

You’ve heard the term “Sales Funnel” before, haven’t you?

Did it sound difficult?

Let me make it easier for you. This is a sales funnel:

  • General Information
  • Focused Information
  • Promotion/Review


That’s right, the 3-Step Content Conversion Process is a simple sales funnel.

So why didn’t I just say sales funnel to begin with?

Because a lot of people get scared off by the term. So many articles out there make creating sales funnels seem so difficult that it has become an instant turn off.

But all a sales funnel really breaks down to is general information that brings in a large audience and directs them to smaller, more focused topics, which lead to sales pages for specific products within that topic.

It’s that simple.

Simple sales funnel
You simply funnel a broad audience to narrower topics and a sales page.

Just like a funnel.

And remember when I said your general information could point to several focused markets?

Let’s look at our Men’s Clothing niche again:

Complex sales funnel
One general information article can lead to many different sales opportunities.

You created the opportunity for a ton of sales funnels!

It all starts with General Information! That’s how you pull in the crowds.

Writing your focused articles is very similar, just more… FOCUSED.

Look at the picture above. In the second row you’ve got “Sweater Vests For Every Occasion”, “Best Ties To Make An Impression”, “Stylish Suit Jackets”, and “Chinos Every Day!”. These could easily be titles for your Focused Content articles. Each one could talk about several items within the category, and link to the appropriate Promotion/Review (sales) page.

It really is that easy!

So now that you know how to capture your audience with general information, we’ll take a look at how to turn that audience into customers. In the next lesson, we’ll go over writing quality Promotion/Review Content.

It would be great if you could rate this article, and let me know what you thought in the comments below. Ask questions. Tell me what you would like to see added to the site!

As always, thanks for reading, and the best of luck on your journey to financial independence,


If you ever have any questions, you can contact me here.

P.S. This is the basic idea behind the creation of content that will bring in your market audience. For in-depth, hands-on training on this and everything else you need to know to make money online, read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Through the training, and with the help of an amazing community of over a MILLION active members working on their own online businesses, you will learn everything you need to work from home. I’m a member and find new tips and tricks every day. I hope to see you there!

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