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When I first set out to review Billionaire Blog Club, I had no idea just how many changes were in the works! This review is DRASTICALLY outdated!In fact, the course isn’t even called Billionaire Blog Club anymore!

Now it has become Dare To Conquer, or DTC.

And what a fitting name that is!

Because with everything you’ll learn in this course, you will have the knowledge to truly CONQUER the world of blogging and make the living from home you’ve always dreamed of!

You’ve seen plenty of blogging courses, and those are great…

If all you want to do is start a blog for the sake of blogging.

But if you want to turn that blog into a real money-maker, you need to think of your blog as a BUSINESS. And a successful business needs a solid strategy.

That’s what sets Dare To Conquer apart from all those other blogging courses.

Instead of showing you how to set up a blog, join affiliate programs, and add affiliate links, Dare To Conquer helps you develop a real, long-term strategy to turn your blog into a real business.

Dare To Conquer – The Broad Overview

Company – Dare To Conquer

Website –

Price – $99/month for the full course

  • Individual courses range from $99-$399
  • Total to buy them all = $1941
  • But that doesn’t include the Walkthrough!

Creator – Paul Scrivens (Affectionately known as “Scrivs”)

Rating – 9.7/10

Dare To Conquer is drastically different than any other “Make Money Blogging” course that I have ever come across.

So many of those other courses do a wonderful job of teaching you how to create a blog, and even how to monetize your blog.

But I haven’t come across a single one in all my searching that actually delves into the STRATEGY of turning your blog into a business.

Not only that, but the training is designed with different starting points in mind. So whether you are brand new to the world of blogging for money and don’t even have a domain name picked out yet, you already have a blog making money and want to take things to the next level, or you fall somewhere in between, Billionaire Blog Club has a training path just for you!

So what’s included that makes this program worth $99/month?

Let’s take a look.

Training That Goes Above And Beyond

Maybe you’ve already got a blog.

Or maybe you would really like to start.

Wherever you are in your journey, Dare To Conquer has you covered.

How can that be?

Instead of just offering a bunch of training modules and sending you on your way, Scrivs has set up training paths so you know what you should be working on and when.

Starting From Scratch…

This is the first training path, or level, within Billionaire Blog Club. Designed for the beginner who hasn’t even gotten started yet, this training will get you set up the right way from the very beginning.

The courses in this training path, in order, are:

  1. Niche Selection (9 lessons)
  2. Billionaire Pinterest (33 lessons)
  3. BoardBooster (10 lessons)
  4. Content Creation (7 lessons)
  5. Billionaire Blogging SEO (23 lessons)
  6. Billionaire Affiliate Marketing (22 lessons)

Choosing a niche is very important. This is going to be the topic of your blog, and the market that you are trying to target and make money with. Makes sense that it’s the first lesson, right?

But why are we talking about Pinterest next?

Because Scrivs has found that Pinterest is his biggest source of traffic, and understanding how you’ll get traffic to your blog is almost as important as actually building your blog! Without traffic, you can’t make sales. And without sales there’s no money.

BoardBooster is a scheduling program for pinning to Pinterest. You’ll learn to “automate” your pinning so your traffic efforts run almost on autopilot while you continue building your blog.

Creating content is the backbone of any blogging business. Whether you decide on written content or video, knowing how to create content that provides value to your visitors is an absolute must.

The next logical step is to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the practice of creating content in a way that it ranks high in search results, giving you another excellent source of traffic. When you master this art you won’t even have to think about SEO. You’ll just do what needs to be done out of habit, and in the process help increase your blog traffic!

Next he talks about affiliate marketing, my favorite way to get started earning income with a blog. It a very simple process anyway, but Scrivs make it so easy to understand you almost wonder how you hadn’t figured it out for yourself already!

There are also 3 challenges within this training path. These challenges are lessons, but give you a little extra push to make sure you put the lessons into practice and get you blog business up and running.

Those challenges are:

  • Launching Your Blog
  • How To Gain Your First 1,000 Subscribers
  • How To Reach $1,000 In Revenue And Beyond

Check that out! Right from the very beginning Scrivs isn’t just going to teach you the basics. He’s going to show you what to do, and challenge you to get it done!

A lot of would-be bloggers get so stuck on learning how to blog that they never actually get around to blogging! By putting the challenge of launching your blog out there, Scrivs gives you that push you need to actually get out there and get started.

Then you’ve got challenges to not only get your first 1,000 subscribers for your blog, but also to make $1,000 a month! Those are pretty lofty goals if you’re just starting out all on your own. But with the guidance provided at Billionaire Blog Club you get to follow a proven path to make it happen.

Scrivs has been doing this for years now, and has over 15 successful blogs running in different niches. That kind of track record tells me he knows what he’s doing.

The increase I’ve seen in my own blogging business since joining Billionaire Blog Club has PROVEN to me that he knows what he’s doing!

Blog Is Launched But Still Early Stages…

This second training path is for those that have started their blog, but maybe aren’t getting the kind of traffic they’re looking for and haven’t started making any money.

The course curriculum looks very similar to “Starting From Scratch…” All you need to do is take out “Niche Selection” and “Launching Your Blog”.

Why are they so similar if this is a level higher?

Because if you’ve already launched and aren’t getting the traffic or sales you need, you need the same information except for choosing your niche and launching your blog!

Maybe the course you went through to get started talked about getting traffic.

Maybe they talked about how to make money.

Maybe you did it all on your own and were just hoping to “figure it out”.

However you went about getting started, the information in this course will really get you going. Being at that higher level, you will still benefit from these courses.

Getting Decent Traffic Already And Ready To Grow…

In this third training path, Scrivs walks you through the same courses except “Content Creation”.

Why, if this is supposed to be the “advanced” level?

Because Pinterest, BoardBooster, SEO and Affiliate Marketing are going to be the things that really help you grow!

There are tons of different ways to increase your traffic and make more money with your blog, and everyone who advises you on how to do it will have a different idea.

So no matter where you learned how to get your blog to where it’s at now, learning new ways from another source will only help you up your game!

There’s also a change in the challenges with this level. You’ve already got good traffic and have started making money, so you don’t need the challenges for first 1,000 subscribers or first $1,000.

Instead, Scrivs is going to challenge you with creating you first digital product!

“Hold on! Create my own product! I don’t know how to do that!”

Maybe you don’t now, but you will. And THAT is when you’ll really start seeing the money come in.

Just look at all those other super successful bloggers. I’m willing to bet that most of them are selling their own digital product.

That might be worksheets, guide sheets, eBooks, or a full-fledged course (just like the one we’re talking about here!)

The point is, Billionaire Blog Club will take you by the hand and walk you from just getting started with your blog…

To working in the same league with those bloggers that regularly post 6-figure monthly income reports!

That’s A Lot Of Money To Shell Out

I know that even $397 dollars seems like a lot right now, so I’m not going to try and push you into anything.

I honestly believe that Billionaire Blog Club can do wonders for you with building your blogging business.

But $397 is a lot to pay out on a simple promise.

So why don’t I tell you a little more about Scrivs, the creator of Billionaire Blog Club?

Meet Scrivs!

Paul Scrivens is a successful blogger with more blogs than any one person needs to find success.

So why has he created so many?

Because he truly wants to help others learn to build a blog and turn it into a successful business. And the best way to do that is to understand blogging inside-out.

He has created blogs in a number of niches, including “Keto Diet”, “Homesteading” and “Personal Finance”.

These are all very different niches, with very different audiences and marketing needs.

By learning first-hand how to find success in so many different markets, he is uniquely qualified to honestly help you learn to find success.

Most bloggers selling a “Make Money Blogging” course have built a single successful site. Yes, that is an achievement in itself.

But Scrivs has built over a dozen!

That’s the kind of experience you want to be able to draw on when building your own blogging business.

What Is Dare To Conquer?

I know I’ve already mention that Dare To Conquer is very different from most of the other blogging courses out there.

You’ve probably seen tons of different courses, and eBooks and Facebook groups that are geared toward teaching blogging.

Some of them are great resources that I’ve bought or joined. (It never hurts to get a new point of view to apply to your own business!)

But Dare To Conquer is so much more.

It’s Not Just Training… It’s A Community

Have you ever heard of Discourse?

If not, don’t be embarrassed. I hadn’t heard of it either until I joined Dare To Conquer.

To get an idea of what it is, think Facebook Group on steroids!

There’s a Discourse community attached to Dare To Conquer, included in the price.

What’s so great about this is that members can post questions in a thread related to their question, and other members can answer.

You’ll even get to hear from Scrivs within the community. So if you have questions about the training or how you can apply it to grow your blogging business, you can get answers straight from the source! All you need to do is reference him in the message you post, and he’ll answer as soon as he can.

Another great thing about this community is that you get to brainstorm new ideas for your business. Got an angle for an article that you haven’t seen before and you want to try? Throw it out there and ask other members what they think! It’s market research without the trial and error!

Because this community is so large and diverse, you can get input from bloggers at every level of experience with a wide range of backgrounds. That’s a lot of knowledge to be able to draw on to help you build your business!

It’s Not Just Training… It’s A Resource

Just think about all the books and courses you’ve seen kicking around the net.

That’s a lot of information, right?

Well you can find most of it right inside the DTC!

In my update at the top, and again when I outlined the first training path, I mentioned the courses and how many lessons are attached to them.

Let me repeat just one number for you:


That’s how many lessons there are in the BBC.

That’s the current lesson count. When the switch to Momo comes next month that number is going to skyrocket!

All of these lessons are video based, so you not only get to hear the information, but you get to see real world examples of how to put those lessons to work.

Remember I told you that Scrivs has built blogs in multiple niches?

Well you get to see that through these videos. He proves time and again that he knows what he’s talking about by showing you real results not on just one blog, but over a dozen blogs!

It’s Not Just Training… It’s Business Strategy

So many other blogging courses focus solely on how to build the blog.

Sure, they tell you to get setup with Mediavine to make money with display ads and sign up with a bunch of affiliate programs to promote products for commission.

But none of them really go into planning your efforts out into a concerted business strategy.

That all changes with Billionaire Blog Club!

Let’s do a quick comparison.

The instructions you get from other blogging courses:

  1. Choose a keyword
  2. Write an article
  3. Add affiliate promotions
  4. Share on social media

Sure, it’s good advice. But it’s nothing you couldn’t figure out on your own if you took the time to really look at what other successful bloggers were doing.

Here’s a simple example of what you learn with Billionaire Blog Club:

  1. Find content ideas that your audience is searching for
  2. Find keywords that capture that audience’s attention
  3. Structure your post properly for SEO
  4. Design Pinterest graphics with real intent
  5. Strategically Pin your graphics for maximum traffic

It doesn’t look a lot different at first glance, but look a little closer.

Notice that step one at BBC is to find content ideas that your audience is looking for. That’s a very important step that a lot of courses leave out. It doesn’t matter how great our keyword is if no one is looking for the information you’re writing about.

Notice that we went from “Share on social media” with those other courses to “Design Pinterest graphics with real intent” then “Strategically Pin your graphics for maximum traffic”. That’s a whole lot more direct. That kind of focused effort is where you get the results that you don’t see with other blogging courses.

What Makes BBC Stand Out From The Crowd?

There is a lot to talk about here, but I’ll just highlight the Best-Of

BBC Community

Yes, I already mentioned the community.

But here’s the thing:

Not a lot of courses offer this!

Some have a Facebook group attached to them, but honestly, how effective is Facebook when it comes to asking questions and getting answers?

Right! Not very.

Instead of shooting a message out in the dark on Facebook and hoping for a response, you can post your question in the proper category where it won’t get pushed out of the feed never to be seen again.

Bonus points… Getting access to Scrivs within the community is worth every penny of the membership all by itself!

Lessons Based On Real Experience

I know I sound like a broken record, but the experience Scrivs has gained by working in so many different niches is simply something that you don’t find very often.

There are plenty of bloggers who built their blog up to a huge readership, then cashed in by creating a “Make Money Blogging” course. It’s been done over and over and over again.

Yes, Scrivs does that too. We’re talking about his course right now.

But that’s not the end of his experience like it is with so many other bloggers!

He didn’t just build 1 blog up to a huge readership and cash in his chips.

He thought, “Well, this one worked. Let’s see if I can do it again in another market.”

And he did.

Then he did it again.

Sure, some of his attempts were failures. But he also had huge successes.

Do you realize that over 90% of business startups fail?

That’s not just online businesses. That’s “real-world” businesses too, like toy stores and restaurants.

Over 90% failure rate.

Yet Scrivs has managed to not only prove successful with blogging once. He’s done it repeatedly!

Now that’s saying something!

Blogging Challenges That Teach And Give You A Push

Have you ever thought that you could do something a little better if you had someone there giving you a little push when you felt like giving up?

That’s what the blogging challenges at Billionaire Blog Club do for you!

They teach you how to do something very important to get your business growing, then challenge you to make it happen.

There are 4 challenges included with BBC:

  • Launching your blog and getting 10k pageviews
  • How to reach $1,000 in revenue
  • How to gain your first 1,000 subscribers
  • Creating your first paid product

Each of these challenges is broken up into a number of different daily goals.

The “Launching your blog” challenge, for example, is broken into 22 separate video challenges, one daily for days 1-21, then the last covers what you need to do from day 22-27.

Not only are you learning something great, but you’ve got a timeline built right into the lesson to make sure you stay on track and get it done.

Now imagine putting that kind of power into earning your first $1,000.

Or creating your first paid product… Remember, that’s where the real money is!

You can’t ask for better guidance than that!

What I Love About BBC

Maybe you figured it out already, but there’s a lot to love here!

So I’ll just hit my top 3.

It Covers Everything!

Most of the courses you see out there have a very narrow focus:

  • Build a blog
  • Social media tactics
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Everyone has their one thing that they’re good at, and that’s what they want to teach you in their course.

Scrivs takes a different approach with Billionaire Blog Club and shows you everything you need to know, every step of the way, to not just build a blog but to build a BUSINESS.

There’s a big focus on strategy, both in how he lays out the curriculum and what he teaches you to do with your blog.

Instead of just building a blog and hoping that each post you write brings you a little more traffic, Scrivs helps you set out a game plan. You’ll learn about figuring out what you want to do, how much you want to earn, and what you have to do to get there.

You basically build a roadmap leading from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s pretty awesome!

Lots And Lots Of Videos!

I love to read. Always have. Probably always will.

And I can learn from a written lesson very easily.

But sometimes you actually want to SEE how something is done.

No worries there!

The courses and challenges are all video based.

You not only learn what is being taught, you get to see it in action!

It’s a great way to learn, especially when it comes to the stuff on Pinterest.

Think about this: Would it be easier to learn how to properly design a Pin that gets attention by reading about it or watching someone do it right in front of you?

Duh! Watching someone would make it way easier!

That’s what you get here.

The Slack Community

It’s really nice being able to reach out to other members. With all the experience from people at different levels of their own blogging business you will never lack for help with growing your business.

Just consider how nice it would be to be able to reach out when you had an issue.

Need an honest opinion of your writing? Just ask.

Want to know if your Pins are as eye-catching as you think? Ask.

Need someone to give you a little push to keep you on schedule? Ask around for volunteers.

Helping each other is a big part of the community at Billionaire Blog Club.

And, as I’ve mentioned, Scrivs is in there quite a bit! You can never go wrong directly asking the guy who has successfully built over a dozen profitable blogs for help!

Does BBC Have Any Drawbacks?

The only think that I can say is a negative to Billionaire Blog Club is also one of my favorite things about it:

There’s a ton of information!

How can that be a bad thing?

Because sometimes when we start something new and a lot of information gets put in front of us, we end up suffering from what is known as “Analysis Paralysis”.

That’s what happens when you think to yourself, “Well, I’ve learned a lot… But I still need to learn a little more…” and it just becomes a never ending cycle.

We end up thinking too much and never start DOING!

That is a very real possibility with all the information available at BBC.

But, Scrivs thought of that too!

Remember those learning paths I mentioned early on?

He made sure to set up a plan for you. Those paths are a guide to what you should be learning and when.

The courses and challenges are both part of those paths. So after you learn what you need to know to get started with a challenge…

That challenge is your next step!

It’s set up so you don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. The question of when you should step away from learning and start the doing is answered for you:

  • LEARN when you have a course in front of you
  • DO when you have a challenge in front of you.

So there you go! The one big drawback actually takes care of itself!

BBC Gave My Blogging Efforts A Huge Boost!

I run a number of blogs, and I’ve been pretty successful.

But I’ve always had trouble with turning social media into a traffic generator.

I’ve bought other courses on using social media as a marketing platform, and they had some pretty good advice.

But the way Scrivs lays out his methods for Pinterest has proven absolutely priceless!

Within the first week of putting his methods to work I saw more traffic from Pinterest than I’d seen from ALL of my social media efforts in months!

Another thing that really helped me was learning to actually sit down and figure out a strategy for my blog.

Looking back I realize that I wasn’t taking the business side of blogging as seriously as I should have been.

I was a building contractor, working for myself for a few years. I did really well with that because I had a firm idea of what I needed to do to get my business to where I wanted it to be.

But when it came to blogging I pretty much just went with the flow and let things happen.

Why I couldn’t make the connection between the efforts I put into a construction business and what I needed to do with blogging I still don’t know. But Scrivs helped me realize what I was overlooking, and that strategy has me on track to really see what my blogging business can do!

Is Billionaire Blog Club Worth It?

I probably don’t even need to say this, but…

Yes! Billionaire Blog Club is worth every penny!

Not only is there more information than you see in the majority of other courses out there, but Scrivs is constantly updating and adding new content.

And once you join, you’re in for life! That means that every new update and new piece of training that gets added is yours, and it won’t cost you a single penny extra!

You’ve got everything you need all in one place to build a successful blogging business. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and have no idea what you’re doing, or if you’re already making some money with a blog and want to learn how to do better. Billionaire Blog Club has you covered!

Want to check it out for yourself?

You can Join Here

There is only one other course I’ve come across that compares to Dare To Conquer, and it isn’t really a “course” at all. It’s a training platform. That platform is Wealthy Affiliate. (Read my review here)

Just like Dare To Conquer, Wealthy Affiliate walks you through setting up your blog, creating content that your audience is looking for, and getting traffic. They also have a huge community of very helpful people at every level of experience with their own blogging business, from brand-new-to-the-game to bloggers making 5- and 6-figures a month.

Wealthy Affiliate offers one thing that Dare To Conquer doesn’t:


You need hosting to build your blogging business. Free blogging platforms just aren’t going to cut it.

So how much does it cost?

$359 a year if you pay yearly, or $49 a month.

I know. Again, that seems like a lot to pay for something on a whim.

So don’t pay for it yet! You can check it out for free, and even build a free website with 10 free lessons to get you started and make sure you like it!

Sound good? Sign up for free right here!

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